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The training facility Jezirko is situated in the picturesque forests in the vicinity of Soběšice, a part of Brno . Its primary focus is one-day and residential educational programmes for schools of the South Moravian Region. A major part of the training takes place in the forests surrounding the facility, giving the children a hands-on approach to learning and stirring their emotional attachment to forests and wildlife through activities which focus on stimulating the sensory perception of nature. Its indoor educational programmes are designed to utilize special training and play elements in the facility’s building.

Jezírko is also a meeting place for children attending afternoon courses and clubs and camps on holidays. The courses focus primarily on natural sciences, tourism and processing of natural materials. Families with children visit the facility to attend various public events.


Students of Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brno represent another target group. The facility’s employees participate in supervising bachelor and master’s theses and facilitate internships and observations in educational programmes for students of pedagogy.


Lipka – school facility for environmental education

Jezírko Training Facility

č. p. 97, 644 00 Brno-Soběšice

Czech Republic

T: +420 545 228 567
E: jezirko(at)lipka.cz
URL: www.lipka.cz/jezirko


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