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Rychta is situated in the village of Krásensko in the Drahany Uplands. Its primary activity is the organization of week-long residential programmes with a natural science, environmental and geographic focus designed for secondary school students. From spring to autumn Rychta organizes one-day field excursions to the nearby Moravian Karst and Drahany Uplands. In winter it offers one-day environmental educational programmes.

Rychta also organizes public events and youth camps, works closely with the local government and provides space and support for all kinds of events organized by children and educational organizations.


Lipka – school facility for environmental education

Rychta Training Facility

Krásensko 76, 683 04 p. Drnovice

Czech Republic

T: +420 517 385 429
E: rychta(at)lipka.cz
URL: www.lipka.cz/rychta


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