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The training facility Lipová is situated near the city centre in a functionalist villa surrounded by a natural garden which is open to all visitors. The key focus of the facility are environmental education programmes, organized in the mornings for students of South Moravian primary and secondary schools.


In the afternoons the building fills with children attending natural science and art courses and adults coming for handicrafts clubs. The latter focus on work with natural materials and take place throughout the week, including weekends. Families with children visit Lipová all year long to attend events organized for the general public with children participating in summer, autumn and spring camps.

An important part of this facility’s activities are its seminars for university students, teachers and pedagogues from the South Moravian region, as well as tutorial work for trainees and people who are interested in taking practical training here.


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Lipka – school facility for environmental education

Lipová 20,602 00 Brno-Pisárky

Czech Republic

T: +420 543 330 838, +420 543 330 839
E: lipka(at)lipka.cz
URL: www.lipka.cz





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